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        Welcome to the official website of shouguang huayuan machinery co., LTD!
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        Shandong shouguang huayuan machinery co., LTDfounded in 2007, is a professional production and sales all kinds of top grade waterproof machinery modern enterprise. Company factory in Taiwan first industrial park, shouguang city foreign trade offices. Company equipment sold at home and abroad, well received by customers at home and abroad!
        Main machinery manufacturing, professional waterproofing manufacturing equipment, production of manufacturing mid-to-high class polyethylene acrylic (polyester) nylon polymer, PVC, TPO waterproofing materials equipment, SBS adhesive waterproof coiled material production line equipment, the asphalt base coil, geogrid, geomembrane production equipment, waterproof coating production equipment, environmental equipment, etc.
        Company building materials research institute and the colleges and universities and domestic cooperation, developed with the domestic advanced level of the whole intelligent digital integration, high-speed polyethylene (polyester) nylon polymer SBS waterproofing materials and equipment production line. The company has 2500 square meters large processing workshops, can produce large waterproof equipment 10-20 sets of about 50 sets of small and medium-sized equipment, sales in 10 million yuan - 10 million yuan.
        Equipment sold nationwide, by the praise of customers around; With the most professional customer service team, let you have the most intimate of services; Any problem for customer to give quick feedback and reply within one working day or solve.
        Shouguang Huayuan Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2007. Company factory is located in the Tau Industrial Park, located in Shouguang City and Guangrao City at the junction, convenient transportation. The company has a high level of culture and high-tech level of the workforce, is committed to waterproofing equipment research and development.    Companies specializing in the production and sale of various high-grade waterproof machinery, is a professional waterproof equipment, waterproof machinery manufacturers. The company's leading products are all kinds of new waterproof equipment, high profile polyethylene (polyester) polyester waterproofing membrane equ ...
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